Mullet Wigs and Redneck Halloween Costumes

Redneck Mullet WigIf you are creating a red neck costume for Halloween, the most important costume accessory you will need for that perfect hillbilly look is the right mullet wig. A mullet is an American hairstyle that long in the back but short at the front and sides. This uneven haircut is stereotypically associated with Southern redneck, trailer park residents, and hillbillies even though it was popular during the 1980s among teenagers and hair bands. The mullet is often associated with redneck characters in sketch comedy so if you want to be instantly recognized as a hillbilly redneck, you will want to wear one of these costume wigs. Today, popular reality television shows like Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, Swamp People, and Redneck Island have made this a popular Halloween costume theme. Take a look below on some great bargains on redneck mullet wigs for men, kids, and even babies! We even found a few funny red neck and trailer park trash related Halloween costumes on sale! These are the most hilarious redneck costume ideas and trailer park costume ideas for Halloween this year! Also check out the new Duck Dynasty Halloween costumes, featuring Willie and Uncle Si.

Red Neck Costume Ideas

Redneck Blond Mullet Wig

Men's Blonde Mullet Wig

Mississippi Mud Mullet and Mustache Set

Mississippi Mud Mullet & Mustache Set