Harry Potter or Hermione Halloween Costumes and Accessories

For the past twenty years, numerous books and movies based on the character Harry Potter have been very popular with children and even adults. Fans find all sorts of ways to celebrate this wonderful character created by British author JK Rowlings. So it's no surprise that fans will dress up as Harry Potter for Halloween, movie screenings, cosplay events, and costume parties. We have found the best bargains and deals on Harry Potter Halloween costumes for boys and adult men on sale. You can also shop for kids Hermione Granger Halloween costume for girls. Standard and deluxe robes available for sale! Don't forget the important accessories such as the light up wands, Gryffindor wool scarfs, knit hats, ties, and flags. Harry Potter costumes also make a fun gift for the holidays as children love to role play as their favorite character!

Harry Potter Gryffindor Robe Child Costume

Child Harry Potter or Hermione Gryffindor Robe

This kids Gryffindor Halloween costume for either boys or girls will transform your child into one of the popular movie characters such as Hermione, Ron or Harry Potter himself. Officially licensed Harry Potter robe costume for children.

The character Harry Potter has not only been a literary and cinematic phenomenon, it’s weaved its magic in convincing children all around the world to not only open books, but to never want to close them.

JK Rowling‘s enchanted world is so exquisitely detailed and intricately plotted, that it literally brims with magical creatures, wizards and witchcraft, the evil and the noble, and most of all, adventure.

With the release of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, there’s never been a better time to let your children step aboard the Hogwarts Express in one of the kids Harry Potter outfits.

First stop? Platform 9 and 3/4 of course and the Harry Potter Gryffindor Robe Deluxe Child costume! Your child will be ready to tackle Dementors, Death Eaters, the Dark Lord, and even a Defence Against the Dark Arts class or two in this striking robe.

Created in the colors of Harry’s school-house of Gryffindor, it’s a black hooded robe with burgundy lining and a Gryffindor crest. If you’re a member of Gryffindor you’re noble, brave and know the value of friendship – all qualities well worth impressing on your child this Halloween.

Is your child the sporting type? Let them loose in a Harry Potter Quidditch Robe costume for kids. In Harry Potter's universe, Quidditch is to the wizarding world what the soccer world cup is to the rest of us. This fantastic crimson robe laces up at the front and features a hood, double golden stripes on the side and arms, and the Gryffindor school crest. Accessorize this outfit with a broomstick and Golden Snitch and your little one will be the star Seeker!

From House Elves to Thestrals, magical fantasy creatures inhabit the world of Harry Potter. One of the most beloved characters is Harry’s pet owl, Hedwig, and your precious young child will look adorably cute in the Harry Potter Hedwig Halloween costume. Hedwig is the bearer of messages and a loyal friend to Potter, able to find him wherever he travels. This cute costume features of a plush one-piece zippered jumpsuit with cute owl claws, orange neck trim, and a fantastic character hood. You’ll never let this cute little Hedwig out of your sight.

Harry and his friends have to battle many different dastardly monsters that are pretty scary and terrifying. For example, your children might like to do some scaring themselves in the kid Harry Potter Dementor costume. Dementors are wicked and evil beasts that can suck the happiness out of any person in order to spread doom and gloom. This fiendish Halloween costume features a long tattered black cloak, a distinctly non-friendly character mask, and matching hood.

For this Halloween season, let Harry Potter weave its magic over your children so they can recreate their own adventure, cast a spell or two, fight evil, and learn the value of friendship along the way. And there’s always a butterbeer to savor when all that hard work is complete. Whether they ride the Knight Bus, Hogwarts Express or a thestral-pulled carriage, your children will have a night to remember dressing up in kids Harry Potter costumes!