Darth Vader Supreme Edition Costume for Sale

With the new upcoming Star Wars Episode 8 The Last Jedi movie, fans of all ages are excited for the new film set to be released this Christmas! If you want to celebrate early, you can suit up as one of the most iconic villains of all time: Darth Vader. If you are a super fan of the Star Wars film series, you want to get the best deal on supreme Darth Vader movie costumes for this Halloween, don’t settle for anything less than the Darth Vader Collector’s Edition costume for adults. There’s a reason why this deluxe outfit bears the distinction of being known as “supreme.” This version of the Vader costume prides itself on being an “authentic replica.” Furthermore, it’s proven to be a collector’s item that you can proudly display even if you’re not wearing it. It’s an investment for any fan of Star Wars who aims to collect memorabilia.

Darth Vader Supreme Edition Costume

Darth Vader Collector's Edition

This supreme Darth Vader costume is the officially licensed Star Wars costume that looks like the movie replica of the original Darth Vader outfit seen in the Star Wars movies.

Despite its premium price tag, it’s well-worth your money due to the amount of work and detail than went into constructing this costume. You won’t find anyone with a better Darth Vader costume if you choose to wear this. Fortunately we found an online shop that offers this at a great fair market price! The Darth Vader mask and helmet are authentic meaning they match the ones you see in the movies. You’ll really get a feel for what it’s like to be Darth Vader once you put this on your head.

This mask and helmet also happen to be made of the finest ABS material. This material has been put into the same molds they use in Lucas Studios. That means that your Star Wars character mask and helmet come from the same source that made the original mask and helmet that you see in the movies. You’ll really feel like Darth Vader stepping out of the silver screen when you wear this.

Even the creativity invested in the packaging has come with a lot of thought.  The  Darth Vader Supreme Edition costume comes with a display box in full color. When you’re not using your movie costume, you can proudly put it on display without hassle. You can have Darth Vader in your living room. It will definitely be a conversation piece for anyone who comes to visit. You’ll find yourself being the envy of other Star Wars fans once they see this amazing piece of memorabilia in your possession. They’ll be even more impressed when you talk about how it’s made to match the one in the film to the finest detail.

The high quality Darth Vader mask even comes with the voice module so you can have Darth Vader’s voice. There’s hours of fun to be had walking around in this costume and truly feeling like you’re on the dark side. Say iconic lines from the film and hear Darth Vader’s voice as the words leave your lips. This costume really aims to be an impressive experience where you can truly inhabit the character. It’s a fan’s dream come true. There’s no way you’ll settle for cheaply made costumes once you’ve tried this one. No other Darth Vader costume can claim to be as accurate.

Go big this Halloween and walk the streets as the best Darth Vader around. You’ll have the jumpsuit which is incredibly comfortable and serves to accommodate the imitation leather pants and sleeves. The cape will flare out behind you and show off the original designs from Lucas Studios. There’s also a pair of gloves made to fit your hands perfectly along with other components like the chest piece, belt, and much more. You won’t find a more complete Darth Vader costume anywhere else online!

Star Wars Darth Vader Collector's Edition Costume pieces