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Classic action hero Indiana Jones is an adventuring archaeologist that was created by the creative minds of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. The protagonist was inspired by the early masculine rough and tough heroes of the early matinee serials that George Lucas and Steven Spielberg watched in their childhoods. Indiana Jones made his first appearance the 1981 blockbuster movie Raiders of the Lost Ark. Actor Harrison Ford brought to life the famous archaeologist on the silver screen. In the later sequel, a younger version of his character was played by River Phoenix. However, you don't need to be a Hollywood actor to become the adventurer when you can buy your own Indiana Jones costumes for Halloween.

Authentic Indiana Jones Hat

Authentic Indiana Jones Hat

If you want a replica of the hat Indiana Jones wore in the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark, you will want to purchase this one!

These outfits are available for adult men and children ranging from economical standard style to a more deluxe detailed Indy costume that a fan would love. Browse through costumes of your favorite archaeologist!

Indiana Jones Cosplay Costume Large Youth Complete Fedora Whip Halloween
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Indiana Jones Adult Costume by Wested Leather Co
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Indiana Jones Temple of Doom Tux Vest MAGNOLI
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Dr Henry Walton Indiana Jones Harrison Ford Jacket
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Indiana Jones costumes are undeniably one of the most popular character costumes for Halloween. This iconic movie hero is celebrated by fans thanks to his numerous adventures that were seen onscreen and attracted new fans when another sequel was released recently. In the 3rd installment of his movie series, we find out from his father that his true name is Henry Walton Jones Jr.

To be able to emulate Indiana Jones, there are certain qualities that should be present in your overall outfit. The most important thing that you will need to buy is his fedora hat. This is the single most iconic accessory that you should have because in the absence of it, you will fail to capture his look. The reason is Indy's fedora hat is seldom taken off by our screen hero, so make sure that you get the right fedora for your own costume.

Next is the jacket, which should actually be bundled with the fedora. The jacket is made of leather, specifically an A-2 jacket that is reminiscent of World War pilots. Khaki pants and a safari shirt should match this jacket to make Indiana Jones costumes authentic. And for the footwear, a pair of sturdy boots should wrap up the whole package.

Indiana Jones costumes should also include a shoulder bag. This is where the hero puts his assortment of tools, such as maps, compasses, and other whatnot. You don’t necessarily need to have these tools because the shoulder bag can be functional that can be used to carry your essential stuff, such as your wallet and treats, in case you are going to use the costume for the Halloween celebration.

The hero's weapons should be present for you to capture the image of the classical hero. Indy costumes also include the leather whip which is usually 10 feet long, but it takes mastery to use this one to swing across cliffs and to attack enemies. For your convenience and safety, you can buy a shorter version for yourself or your kids. Since it is Halloween, you don't need an authentic whip. You don’t need to crack the leather whip all the time so you can get an affordable soft fake whip to go along with your costume.

Additional toy weapons that can be included would be a pistols or revolvers. All of the aforementioned accessories should be enough to bring Indiana Jones to life. If you are missing one accessory, then there is nothing to worry about, because your attitude will be the most important quality that will sell the costume to your spectators. This attitude would be the ultimate accessory that can authenticate any Indiana Jones costume at your next Halloween party!