Discount Cat Suits or Cat Woman Halloween Costumes for Sale

Sexy Cat Halloween costumes are always a favorite among ladies and their male spectators. No Halloween trick-or-treater would be complete without the knocking kitty at your door, begging for all that candy. The cat woman costume is a timeless Halloween classic icon that never goes out of date. Everyone should try dressing up as once at least once in their Halloween lifetime. Cat woman costumes or bodysuits make the purrfect sexy costume for Halloween night. Catch all the men's attention at your next dress up party with these revealing and shapely women costumes. Dress up as a famous comic book villain or create your own character with these catsuits. Go on the prowl with these sexy women costumes on Halloween night.

Sleek N' Sexy Bodysuit Adult Costume

Sleek & Sexy Bodysuit

If you need a sexy and sleek catsuit for your Cat Woman costume, try this black pleather bodysuit on for Halloween. Available in sizes small, medium, or large.

Egyptian Cat Goddess Costume

Egyptian Cat Goddess Costume

This catsuit costume adds a sexy sphinx twist to your typical catsuit costume. It includes a jeweled neck piece with gold fabric draped shoulders, and cat ear headband.

Sexy Black Cat Suit Halloween Costume

Sexy "Miss Whiplash" Catsuit Costume

This popular sexy black catsuit Halloween costume comes in sizes small 6-8 to large 14-16. If you have the curves and like to show them off, you will want to buy this women's dominatrix costume! Unleash the sex kitten lurking inside you!

Halle Berry Cat Woman Halloween Costume

Deluxe Sexy Catwoman Costume

This women's Halloween costume is inspired by Halle Berry's sexy feline black attire that was featured in the movie Catwoman. This hot costume features a pair of black faux leather pants with simulated claw rips on the fabric, large bra style top, gloves with plastic cat claws, and cat face mask. Women dress sizes available for this outfit are: Small (6-10), Medium (10-14) and Large (14-16). Dress up as Batman's most notorious female villain in Gotham City.

The women’s kitty cat costume is meant for purposes other than looking cute. These Halloween costumes come with sex appeal, looking more like a version of a cat mixed with a sexy barmaid. The kitty outfits include a headband with furry kitty ears, a clip-on tail that might already be attached to the costume, matching fingerless gloves and a collar. Some of these catsuits have accessory kits you can purchase, including easy to wash make-up you can use to paint your face with leopard spots or cat whiskers.

People remember kitty cat Halloween costumes being around for as long as Halloween itself, and with feline heroines in movies, such as Michelle Pfeiffer in the movie "Batman Returns," Halle Berry in "Catwoman," and Anne Hathaway in "The Dark Knight Rises," the Catwoman costume has evolved into an even sexier version. Instead of furry little cat ears and a clip-tail, these catsuits are made with glossy leather (or pleather), long sexy fingernails, and a form fitting cat mask. The tail is usually attached to the Halloween costume, and a whip or cat o’ nine tails is carried around, just to make sure she gets her way.

Halloween is all about creatively dressing up and using your vast imagination to transform yourself to become anything you want. The cat Halloween costumes are very popular every year, and you will probably meet other fellow fans who have a similar outfit. There’s nothing wrong with that because these costumes are so diverse that you can both share in the joys that this outfit bring to whomever wears it at your next Halloween party. If you’re going out this All-Hallows-Eve and a black cat crosses your path, don’t be scared. It’s probably just admiring your kitty makeup and cat woman costume.