Buy Speed Racer Costumes in Men or Child Size

Hollywood brought Speed Racer to the silver screen. The movie is based on a classic cartoon series called Mach Go Go Go from Japan that became a cult hit Speed Racer in America. In 2008, the anime became an American movie adaptation directed by the Wachowski Brothers. The live action film inspired Halloween costumes based on the popular characters. For this Halloween season, you have a chance to wear one and rescue Trixie in your own Mach 5 racing uniform. However, only limited quantities are left in stock since they are discontinued in production so buy them while you can!

Boy's Speed Racer Costume

Boy's Deluxe Speed Racer Costume

This officially licensed costume is based on the movie and it includes the two-tone jumpsuit with attached belt and white race hat. Available in kid sizes: Small (4-6) Medium (8-10) Large (12-14).

Boy's Speed Racer Costume

Adult Speed Racer Costume

This is the adult deluxe version of the the officially licensed movie costume. This deluxe Speed Racer costume features a blue and white jacket with a front zipper and long sleeves, an attached belt, matching pants, and a white hat printed with "Speed Racer" in red. Great for Halloween, anime conventions, or cosplay.

Kid Speed Racer X Child Halloween Costume Movie

Kid Racer X Costume

Boy's Racer X costume featuring his trademark black jumpsuit and headpiece from the Speed Racer movie.

The movie Speed Racer is adapted from the original Japanese animated series from the 60's originally titled "Mach Go Go Go" and the series also revolved around automobile racing and family life. The film adaption was released in May 2008. The movie is a live action family film about the main character named Speed Racer who is a young man with natural racing instinct and love for race car driving. His goal is to win win The Crucible, a huge international cross-country car racing rally that originally killed his older brother. The popularity of the movie and tv series inspired an entire line of fantastic Halloween costumes so check them out!