Medieval Costumes and Renaissance Clothing for Men on Sale

Where can you find or buy affordable quality Medieval costumes on sale? There are several good bargains on medieval knight costumes. We have a page for women Renaissance clothing, dresses, and costume accessories.  For men, the typical costume included a flat cap, a jerkin (short jackets made of velvet or leather), upper hose worn from the waist to upper thighs, lower hose covering the lower part of the leg which were secured by garters and square-toed, slipper-like duckbill shoes. At present, costumes from the Renaissance period can still be seen at Renaissance fairs, weekend festivals which recreate the period and which are open to guests. Activities held during such fairs include stalls where handicrafts from the period are sold and games such as archery and axe-throwing competitions.

Game Of Thrones Medieval King Mens Cape One Size
Ends Sunday Dec-9-2018 14:38:32 PST

Ruffled Pirate Shirt Black Ruffled Front And Cuffs Pirates Renaissance STD
Ends Sunday Dec-9-2018 14:56:31 PST

Black Knight Screen Printed Tunic Halloween Medieval Gothic Costume Adult Men
Ends Sunday Dec-9-2018 15:19:02 PST

Thor Velbora Fur Top Studs Cuffs Warrior Medieval Gothic Costume Adult Men
Ends Sunday Dec-9-2018 15:24:27 PST

Ends Sunday Dec-9-2018 15:40:06 PST

Mens Skull Knight Costume Ideal for Zombie or Medieval Crusader Warrior
Ends Sunday Dec-9-2018 16:16:22 PST

Medieval Templar Knight Crusader Surcoat Tunic Reenactment Cosplay Party Costume
Ends Sunday Dec-9-2018 17:02:06 PST

Burlap Cloak for Adults Unisex Black Renaissance New by Charades One Size
Ends Sunday Dec-9-2018 17:07:59 PST

Warrior LARP Red Tunic CAPE Cloak Robe KNIGHTS OF ST JOHN Cosplay Medieval
$8.51 (7 Bids)
Ends Sunday Dec-9-2018 17:40:05 PST

Highland Brave Plaid Kilt Adult Men Costume Medieval Plaid Warrior Halloween
Ends Sunday Dec-9-2018 18:02:08 PST

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The Renaissance period, which spans the period roughly dating from the 1400s to the 1600s, is seen as a period of great enlightenment for Western civilization. The major developments during this period, which would change the world forever and give birth to modern society as we know it today, include the invention of the printing press by Gutenberg, the discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus, Martin Luther’s break with the Roman Catholic Church, which would lead to Protestantism, and the works of Michelangelo and Da Vinci which pointed the way for new directions in Western art.