Discount Japanese Kimono Costumes

Geisha Wig Makeup JapanWe have found a selection of Asian women costumes, mostly traditional Japanese styles, including cosplay related to past famous movie characters. These beautiful women costumes include traditional Geisha kimono dresses ranging from deluxe quality costumes to affordable quality ones. We also found movie costumes based on famous characters such as Oren Ishii, The Bride, and Go Go Yubari dresses for Halloween. Since now Halloween is quickly approaching and you have arrived to the right website to find a variety of Asian themed costume. Find great discounts on traditional Japanese Kimonos. Lets start off with some cosplay costumes inspired by the characters from the Kill Bill movies. This seller has cosplay quality movie costumes that are well made to impress people at movie conventions. So you won't have any problems impressing your friends with these costumes on Halloween!

Deluxe Japanese Kimono Halloween Costume

Deluxe Japanese Kimono Costume

This woman's costume includes a full length red Oriental satin kimono style robe with drop sleeves & bow obi belt. Available in women dress sizes standard size, XL, or 2XL.

Plus Size Geisha Halloween Costume

Madame Butterfly Plus Size Kimono Costume

This beautiful Japanese plus size kimono costume for full figure women features a traditional gold patterned red slip dress with matching gold color obi.

Black Geisha Wig

Black Geisha Wig

This Japanese geisha wig is decorated with beautiful multi-tiered up-do, red ribbons and chopstick accents.

Madame Butterfly Child Geisha Costume

Madame Butterfly Child Costume

This young girl's Japanese geisha costume includes red kimono and waist sash.


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