Space Alien Halloween Costumes for Sale

This Halloween go out of this world and get spacey by disguising yourself as an outer space alien, martian, or intergalactic space creature! We have listed a variety of different alien Halloween costumes for adults and kids. For adult men sizes, we have the new Alf character costume, The Predator costume, and a deluxe Alien Grey robe and mask set. For children sizes, we have child alien in robes and Area 51 alien mutant costumes. Browse through our sale listings and see which extraterrestrial outfit you gravitate towards.

Space Alien Halloween Costume Ideas

E.T. Mask for Adults

Adult E.T. Mask

From the classic Steven Spielberg film, this licensed E.T. latex mask recreates all the details of the loveable little alien from the 80's movie.

Adult E.T. Elliott Costume

Adult E.T. Elliott Costume

If you watched the 80's movie classic E.T., you can't forget about the climatic scene when Elliot took ET for a ride on his bicycle. This costume captures the famous memorable movie moment. It includes Elliott's red hoodie with a cardboard ET and milk crate.

Adult Oversized Head Green Alien Costume

Adult Oversized Head Green Alien Costume

Kids Oversized Head Green Alien Costume

Kids Oversized Head Green Alien Costume

Conehead Headpiece

Coneheads Headpiece

If you enjoyed watching the Cone head family on Saturday Night Live (SNL), you can dress up like Beldar, Prymaat or any other alien from their home planet Remulak on Halloween with this egg shaped headpiece!

Alf Costume

Alf Costume

The classic '80s TV sitcom Alf, featured the lovable furry alien Gordon Shumway from Melmac. Now you can relive your favorite character moments by dressing up in a this exclusive Alf Halloween costume.

Kids Glowing Alien Morphsuit Costume

Kids Glowing Alien Morphsuit

Sesame Street Blue Yip Yip Costume

Sesame Stree Yip Yip Costume

Marvin The Martian Costume

Adult Marvin The Martian Costume

The official adult size Marvin the Martian Halloween costume. This Looney Tunes character outfit includes the alien jumpsuit, gloves, headpiece, and mask.

Child Marvin the Martian Costume

Child Marvin the Martian Costume

From the Looney Tunes cartoons, its Marvin the Martian alien Halloween costume which features a child size jumpsuit, gloves, mask and headpiece.

Area 51 Child Alien Costume

Area 51 Alien Costume for Kids

This child alien costume for boys or girls will look out of this world on Halloween night. Available in sizes medium to x-large.

Alien Agent Costume

Alien Agent Costume

Become an alien agent from Men in Black with this interplanetary costume which features a full face alien mask, black jacket, dickey with necktie, and matching pants. Available in men sizes medium, large, or XL.

Groot Reacher Creature

Groot Reacher Creature

From the movie Guardians of the Galaxy, this is the official high quality Groot Reacher costume which includes mask, robe and oversized Groot gloves.

Illegal Alien Mask Costume

Illegal Alien Mask

This latex mask feature a grey alien face with green eyes, mustache, and attached baseball cap. Add any clothing to complete your outfit.

Movie Predator Adult Halloween Costume

Adult Predator Movie Costume

This deluxe costume includes predator jumpsuit, EVA chest piece, shoulder arm and leg guards, necklace, belt w/thigh guards, hands and mask. Standard men size.

Chewbacca Collector's Edition Costume

Collector's Edition Chewbacca Costume

Woo your friends on Halloween night by dressing up as the lovable furry alien from Star Wars Chewbacca with this authentic movie quality Star Wars costume! This costume is also available in plus size with lots of extra room for its a great costume if you are a tall and big guy!

If you couldn't find your specific alien or space creature costume, try our search engine to find what you are looking for. Halloween weekend will be coming fast so don't delay further in making the best space alien disguise today. Our listings do update daily so check back for new costumes or store coupons to help you save money while you shop.

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