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October 4th, 2017

Supergirl is back this year in her own television series on CBS, starring Melissa Benoist as Supergirl and Calista Flockhart aka Cat Grant. Her character is also featured in the new popular cartoon TV series, DC Superhero Girls. Since it's almost Halloween it's a great time to shop for costume inspired by the famous comic book heroine! For those of you who are not familiar with the comic book super heroine Supergirl, she is Kara Zor-El, the younger cousin of Superman from their home planet Krypton. She managed to find her way to Earth and now fights evil with her super powers. If you want to dress up as your own superwoman character and be the most stylish heroine in Metropolis, we have found great sale bargains on the newest Supergirl and Super Woman costumes for people of all ages and for full figure plus size adult women too! So anybody can dress up as this comic book super heroine this Halloween. With only a few days left to shop, take a look at our selection of discount SuperGirl Halloween costumes.

Supergirl Halloween Costume Ideas

Adult Supergirl TV Costume

Adult Supergirl TV Show Costume

Plus Size Supergirl Costume

Plus Size Supergirl TV Costume

Adult Supergirl TV Costume

Girls Supergirl TV Show Costume

Child Supergirl Costume

Child Supergirl Costume

Child DC Superhero Girls Supergirl Costume

Child DC Superhero Girls Supergirl Costume

If your child is watching the new animated television series about the girls at Super Hero High, she will probably want to dress up as teen Supergirl who is part of the DC Superhero Girls team. This cute deluxe outfit is inspired by the costume design featured in the cartoon.

Supergirl Tutu Child Costume

Child Supergirl Tutu Costume

This cute kid Super girl costume includes a tutu dress with superman insignia, cape, belt and gauntlets.

Teen Supergirl Costume

Teen Supergirl Costume

Inspired by the DC comics, this teen Supergirl dress features her trademark blue shirt with insignia and attached red cape, flashy red skirt, gold belt and boot tops. Wig and fishnet tights sold separately.

Supergirl Costume

Adult Supergirl Costume

This adult women's Supergirl costume features a blue and red polyester pullover dress with embroidered Superman emblem, metallic lamae skirt, cape, gold belt and boot tops. Available in women sizes x-small to large.

Plus Supergirl Costume

Plus Supergirl Costume

This full figure Supergirl costume features an attractive blue and red dress with attached red cape, gold belt, and boot tops.

dc comics supergirl action comics issue 285These days Superman aka Clark Kent may get most of the attention from fans in the Superman movie and television series, but you can put the spotlight on Super Girl by dressing up as her at your next superhero or Halloween party. For those who are not familiar with SuperGirl, she is Superman's long lost cousin named Kara Zor-El who also survived the destruction of Kryton. When she arrived to Earth, she aquired the same super powers as cousin Kal El (Superman) and she assumed a secret identity Linda Lee and lived with adoptive parents during the beginning part of her life on Earth.

Her character was introduced in the DC comic books (Action Comics #252) in 1959 and had positive reactions from fans which lead her to bigger roles and even her own comic book series for a brief period. Supergirl even got her own movie adaption in the 1980s starring Helen Slater. And the movie was produced by famous film producer Alexander Salkind who also made the big screen Superman movie adaptions starring Christopher Reeves and Gene Hackman during the late '70s.

Supergirl TV Series Trailer from Comic-Con

Supergirl's Origin in the new CW television show: Kara Danvers was originally known as Kara Zor-El, the cousin of Superman from the planet Krypton. Both she and her cousin (aka Kal-El) escaped from their doom home world by space craft but arrived on earth at different points of time on Earth because Kara's spaceship became trapped in the Phantom Zone for almost 24 years until she escaped. Kara was still a teenager when she finally arrived on Earth where Superman placed her into the care of a kind foster family the Danvers. The Supergirl television show picks up 11 years later when Kara is 24 years old and coming to terms with her super powers while defending her new home National City along with familiar characters such as Jimmy Olsen and J'onn J'onzz aka Martian Manhunter.

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