Medieval Knight Costumes for Adults and Kids

August 25th, 2012

medieval knight costumeMedieval knight costumes are some of the more entertaining costumes to wear on Halloween. Both boys and men alike are seen wearing these Halloween knight costumes each year, allowing their popularity to grow more and more. They come in so several different styles, and sell with various amounts of accessories, that the Renaissance costume itself becomes more of a toy, which is probably the reason it has increased in popularity among guys.

Medieval knights are legends, and both men and boys express their masculinity grow every time they put on the Halloween costume. Something about it makes them feel invulnerable and powerful, like a steel warrior from Camelot, stronger than Lancelot himself. As mentioned, it is the accessories that make the costume so cool. You can purchase fake swords and shields, axes and knight helmets. If the medieval costume fails to provide a cape, you can buy a Renaissance cape too. So anything that can help bring the costume together, the better.

Take a look at these adult and child medieval knight costume available for sale online!

Medieval Knight Childrens Fancy Dress Costume Small Age 5 7 128cm 57
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Widmann 07714adult Dark Knight Costume XL Jon Snow Game Thrones Knights
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Kings Crusader Medieval Knight Adult Costume
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Knight Childrens Fancy Dress Costume Small Age 5 7 128cm 57
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Medieval knight costumes for kids and men come in several different styles and clothing sizes. One popular style is the Black Knight armored costume that sells fairly cheap that includes black pants, black armored chest piece, shoulder pads and gloves, and a horned knight helmet that covers the face. The Knight in Shining Armor costume is equally popular, coming as a complete body suit that looks like plate armor and includes the helmet and fake sword.

Other Renaissance costumes are the chainmail looking suits, complete with shirt and pants. The shirt includes a hood you wear over the head and comes with matching gloves. Other Medieval costumes along this line feature plated boots, with a long dressing, chainmail gloves, chest piece and battle axe. The children costumes are equally fun, and come with various styles and sizes similar to the adult costume. Mentioned previously, if these Halloween costumes do not include accessories, searching for these items separately are easy to find in these online Halloween stores, making it easy to complete the outfit. Anything from shields, swords, ball-n-chains, axes, capes, helmets and more will tie everything together, completing the medieval look.

Regardless if you’re physically large and strong or small and shy, any child or adult will look mighty tough wearing medieval knight costume. If there’s a damsel in distress on Halloween, then it’s you who has to save her. If someone is looking for a knight in shining armor, then it’s you who has to come to her rescue. No Halloween would be complete without these brave souls wandering the ghoulish streets at night making them a safer place for us all. Happy shopping, oh mighty knight!

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