Discount Kate Gosselin Wig, Hair, Hairstyle for Halloween Costumes

October 1st, 2012

halloween kate gosselin wig hairstyle

You've heard about Kate Gosselin and her husband in the news a million times. This Halloween, why not dress up as a parody of media's most over publicized divorced couple? You can look like the star of John & Kate Plus Eight with this blonde wig resembling her signature hairstyle. This Eight is Too Much Wig is available for sale. Of course, these wigs are not endorsed by Kate Gosselin herself who probably didn't expect to become a Halloween costume theme this year.

Womens Short Blonde Costume Wig A Line Bob Mom Victoria Beckham Kate Gosselin
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Rubies Eight is Too Much Kate Gosselin Blonde Wig C19
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Jon and Kate Plus 8 is an American docudrama or "reality" television series about the Gosselin family comprised of Kate and John who are parents of eight kids. The show is basically about the up and downs of their busy daily lives. The popularity of the show quickly grew, accumulating over 100 episodes in five seaons on TLC (The Learning Channel). However, the publicity covered the end of their marriage with the media highlighting scandals behind the once wholesome couple that was broadcasted to the public. The show still continues on with the new divorced family structure.

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