Arnold Schwarzenegger Halloween Mask

September 11th, 2013

Arnold Schwarzenegger MaskAre you shopping for a good former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Halloween mask?  This is a nicely painted and detailed vinyl character mask of the notorious actor/bodybuilder/political figure.  This is designed for adults.  It is a soft vinyl full over-the-head mask with molded hair.  This one is actually one of the better Arnold masks that is available on the market, but unfortunately it is no longer in production but you can still find these on sale from online dealers.  We have found a few listed below.  Buy one while you can before they are gone forever!


Arnold Schwarzenegger Mask Terminator Governer Adult Full Halloween Costume
Ends Thursday Nov-30-2017 14:14:18 PST

Realistic Male Man Latex Mask Costume Disguise Halloween Arnold Schwarzenegger
Ends Saturday Nov-18-2017 18:38:34 PST

Arnold Schwarzenegger Mask 3 4 Latex Hollywood Celebrity Political Character
Ends Tuesday Nov-21-2017 9:34:14 PST

Arnold Schwarzenegger Rubber Latex Halloween Mask Smoking Cigar Circa 2004
Ends Tuesday Nov-28-2017 15:58:37 PST

NEW Disquise ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER Halloween Mask Adult Mask
Ends Sunday Nov-26-2017 9:00:41 PST

Ends Wednesday Dec-6-2017 16:18:40 PST

Mario Chiodo Studios Arnold Schwarzenegger Rubber Latex Halloween Mask 2004
Ends Monday Nov-20-2017 11:29:48 PST

Mask Arade Cardboard Party Mask Arnold Schwarzenegger
Ends Saturday Dec-2-2017 3:27:19 PST

Mr Freeze PVC Mask Batman And Robin Movie Arnold Schwarzenegger Costume
Ends Sunday Nov-19-2017 15:02:56 PST

Mask Arade High Quality Cardboard Party Mask Arnold Schwarzenegger
Ends Tuesday Dec-12-2017 4:52:40 PST




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