Donnie Darko Frank the Bunny Costume

October 1st, 2017

Director Richard Kelly's Donnie Darko (2001) is a cult movie named after the film's protagonist who is a young man, portrayed by actor Jake Gyllenhaal, suffering from multiple personality disorder. Donnie's vision or dreams become so vivid they begin to take a life of its own. During these episodes, he is visited by a disturbing looking but frighteningly calm skeletal face gray rabbit who Donnie calls "Frank the Bunny." Without spoiling the movie, the storyline takes a bit twist that reveals the mystery surrounding the characters and events in the movie. If you are shopping for the official Frank the Bunny costume from the movie Donnie Darko, you have found the right place.

Donnie Darko Frank Bunny Costume

Donnie Darko Frank the Bunny Costume

Based on the movie Donnie Darko, this is the official Frank the Bunny costume which includes both the bunny full size head mask and suit. This menacing rabbit will make a great Halloween costume for any movie fan. This is the officially licensed version created by Paper Magic Group. This costume is out of production so there are only a few left in stock so buy one while you can.

Below are listings for replica Frank the Bunny costumes which feature a Don Post Studios mask and plush coveralls with attached gloves. This cosplay set costs more but superior in detail.

Frank the Bunny Adult Costume Donnie Darko One Size Authentic
Ends Sunday Jan-28-2018 12:29:46 PST

Dark Frank The Creepy Black Rabbit PVC Half Mask Bunny Animal Costume Accessory
Ends Sunday Jan-28-2018 17:37:19 PST

Paper Magic Mens Donnie Darko Adult Frank The Bunny Costume And Mask Darko
Ends Wednesday Jan-31-2018 4:32:09 PST

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frank the bunny costume replicaStrange things in life just stand out effortlessly. That is just how things go in life. No one can resist a second glance once and stare after they spot something out of the ordinary. Even Hollywood films have dared to take on strange themes and storylines, creating cult movies such as Donnie Darko. Thanks to the cult success of this unique film, you can dress up in a Donnie Darko Halloween costume so you can relive out during Halloween one of the strangest movies ever made in Hollywood. Frank the Bunny is iconic appearance made it easy to translate into a Halloween costume. If you may remember, this evil bunny is the one who gets Donny Darko into all sorts of trouble in the film. Frank warns Donnie his prediction of an impending end of the world scenario that will destroy everyone's lives. Now you can recreate this moment by dressing up as this evil Donnie Darko bunny.

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