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April 26th, 2016

The popular first-person shooter video game Halo has spun off many successful sequels with Halo 5 being the latest. If you are a fan, you probably want to dress up as Halo's Master Chief for this Halloween. Based on the character of the hit Xbox video game, brand new Halo costumes are back in stock for sale. The most dedicated fans will want the Supreme Edition from Rubie's. This is an officially licensed costume. These Master Chief costumes include a well designed body suit, gauntlets, and two piece helmet. The Supreme Edition comes in one size standard for adult men. Retail value is $900 but you can shop below to find some generous discount bargains from online sellers. If this is out of your price range, you can still buy the standard version of the Halo 3 Master Chief which includes a printed jumpsuit and half helmet. This one is available in x-small (xs) for teens, standard, and extra large (xl) for the big boys. Now you can also buy official Halo costume for kids and Halo accessories like the helmet and gloves! Here is a list of the best Halo Halloween costume ideas below for 2016.

discount sale Supreme Edition Halo 3 Master Chief Adult Costume

Supreme Edition Halo 3 Master Chief Costume

If you want a more professional cosplay quality movie costume, this is the super deluxe costume set to get! Officially licensed. This Halo 3 masterpiece includes a detailed jumpsuit with EVA armor, deluxe 2 piece helmet, and gauntlets. Available in standard size for adult men.

Kids Halo: Master Chief Prestige Costume

Boys Halo Master Chief Prestige Costume

If you want your child to have the ultimate Halo Master Chief suit, we recommend this quality prestige edition of the Halo Master Chief costume for kids.

Halo: Master Chief Muscle Costume For Kids

Kids Halo: Master Chief Muscle Costume

This is the new official 2015 Halo Master Chief costume for kids! This child Master Chief outfit costume a printed muscle suit and mask. This costume has been selling out quickly so only a few are left in stock.

Discount Deluxe Teen Master Chief Halo 3 Jumpsuit Costume Molded Armor

Deluxe Adult Halo 3 Master Chief Costume

If you want a great deluxe Halo jumpsuit costume for Halloween, you will want this one. This deluxe Master Chief costume includes EVA molded armor and helmet. Available in adult men sizes standard or x-large.

Discount Deluxe Teen Master Chief Halo 3 Jumpsuit Costume Molded Armor

Teen Halo 3 Master Chief Costume

This deluxe Master Chief costume for teenage boys includes EVA molded armor and Halo helmet. Select size "X-Small" adult for the teen size.

Kids Halo 3 Halloween Costume

Kids Super Soldier Costume

If you have trouble finding a kid Halo costume in stock, this boy's super soldier costume will make a good substitute outfit for Halloween. This child foot soldier costume features a military body armor style jumpsuit with padded arms that give the costume that extra tough commando look as well as a military helmet which adds to the futuristic look. Green gloves included too. Child sizes small, medium, and large.

Boy's Master Chief Mask and Gloves Set

Boy's Halo Master Chief Mask & Gloves Set

This child Master Chief Kit includes one pair of Halo gloves and half mask. Only a few left in stock!

Halo Forked Foam LARP Sword

Halo Forked Foam LARP Sword

This futuristic sword prop will be a great accessory for you Halo costume. This is made of foam so you don't have to worry about accidentally slicing up your friends like in the X-box game.

Halo Red Spartan Costume Halloween

Deluxe Halo Red Spartan Costume

This adult Red Spartan costume features a red jumpsuit w/ EVA Molded Armor Headpiece / Helmet. Available in teen, large, and x-large sizes.

Halo Blue Spartan Costume

Deluxe Halo Blue Spartan Costume

This special Halo costume features a Blue color Spartan jumpsuit w/ EVA Molded Armour Headpiece / Helmet. Men sizes range from teen to extra-large.

Halo 3 Master Chief Gloves

Halo 3 Master Chief Gloves

Complete your Halo 3 costume with these Master Chief gloves for adults or older teens.

Halo 3 Helmet Vacuform Mask

Halo 3 Master Chief Full Helmet

If you need a good helmet mask for your Halo 3 costume, try on this Master Chief Halo 3 full molded plastic helmet with comfortable padding inside. Designed to fit adults. Child size is also available. Click for details.

Deluxe Halo 3 Helmet Replica

Deluxe Halo 3 Helmet Replica

This is a full over-the-head Halo 3 Spartan mask with real LED lights on the sides! This fits both teens and adults.

Child Recon Commando Costume

Kid Recon Commando Costume

Your child can go on secret alien combat missions wearing this futuristic commando suit which includes a camo gray jumpsuit with muscle chest armor, full gray helmet with goggle, and red gloves.

Halo is one of the most popular themes for video game Halloween costumes this season so don't wait too long to get one. These discounted Halloween costumes originally went into the consumer market in 2008 due to the popularity of the video game Halo 3 which is first person shooter game created by Bungie for the Microsoft XBox 360 home arcade system which was released around the world in 2007. Why do kids and adult men love this video game?

The sci fi theme and the first shooter gameplay are attractive elements that attract today's game fans. The story revolves around an intersellar war during the twenty sixth century between the United Nations Space Command verses a race of militant aliens called the Covenant. The game player plays the role of the Master Chief, the main character these Halloween costumes are based on. The Master Chief wears a powerful super space suit to fight the alien warriors. He is also cybernetically engineered super soldier with enhance combat fighting skills. The chief is supported by his fellow human marines and allies with an alien race called the Elites commanded by the Arbiter. The video game is very successful in the business, grossing over $300 million dollars in sales in its 1st week of release! By the beginning of 2008, over 8.1 million copies of the Halo 3 video game were sold, making it the best selling video game of 2007 in America. Both teenagers and adult men loved the first shooter game. Critics also gave the game positive reviews. So Halo 3 becoming a popular Halloween costume again is not a big surprise. Don't wait too long to purchase your Halo Master Chief costume because these suits are selling out quickly, especially the teen costume sizes.

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