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May 1st, 2012

Where can you buy affordable quality traditional Medieval Renaissance dress gowns on sale? There are several good bargains on women's medieval dress costumes and Renaissance clothing on sale. These clothing attires include blouse, chemise, gowns, skirts, corsets, wench dresses, and accessories. Women in the Renaissance period wore dresses that featured funnel sleeves that started wide and gradually tightened as they reached the cuff, and stomachers, bodices that featured ornamental coverings on the front. The outfit was topped off by various styles of headdress, among the most popular of which were the gable headdress (named for its outline’s resemblance to a Greek temple), the heart-shaped French cap and the half-dome bonnet.

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Renaissance Queen Womens Costume
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Costumes during the Renaissance are best described as trying to improve upon the human form in line with the spirit of creative expression that animated the period. Clothing during this period was made of heavy, rich materials and featured padded sleeves, puffs over various parts of the body and close-fitting outfits. Popular fabrics during the period included black velvet and white linen, and dark colors predominated.

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